Das Gierige Krokodil entdeckt Dresden

Today the greedy crocodile decided to explore Dresden a little bit, while helping out on a photoshoot with some of his felted pals.

Croc and baby croc enjoying the sunshine in the Neustadt

The croc getting in the picture

First he went down to the banks of the Elbe to check out the view of Dresden and the Augustbrücke, a la Bellotto.

The croc admiring the view to the west

Next he wandered over the Augustusbrücke towards the Altstadt, stopping on the way to admire the view to the west, in the direction of Meissen. I love the light coming off the river here.

Don’t jump!

He leaned over the edge to look into the river…

Face on the Augustusbrücke

and noticed this face on the bridge – visible to boats going under the bridge, but not really to people on top.!

Mini Scott monument

He passed by this blackened gothic thingy (I’m sorry, I don’t know what it is! I will look next time I go past). It reminds me of a miniature Scott Monument.

We are in Germany after all!

Then he headed for some shade and some refreshment!


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