Das Ende

Es ist nicht mehr möglich, meine Skulpturen zu kaufen. Du kannst aber, Dein eigenen Figuren lernen zu machen, und einer meinen Kits kaufen.

Jack Russell Terrier


Het Einde

Het is niet meer mogelijk, mijne beeldhouwen te kopen, maar je mag wel je eigen leren te maken met een van mijn kits (alleen Duits en Engels).

Jack Russell Terrier

The End

The Greedy Crocodile is shutting up shop and moving on to pastures new. It is no longer possible to buy my sculptures; you can, however, buy a kit and make your own. These will be available in my shops until the end of the year.

Jack Russell Terrier

Felting supplies now in stock / Filzzubehör jetzt im Laden / Vilt benodigheden nu verkrijgbar

The Greedy Crocodile has begun to stock supplies. You can now find felting needles (in 32, 36 and 40 gauge) in my Etsy shop, and soon in my DaWanda shop. And the range will soon be widened.


Das Gierige Krokodil hat jetzt Materialen zum nadelfilzen im Laden. Schaut mal in meinem Etsy shop! Ich habe mit Filznadeln angefangen – mehr Filzzubehör kommt gleich, sowie in meinem DaWanda Laden.

A Trip to the Poles of the Earth

white bear, snow bear

Polar Bear / Eisbär

I have been planning to make some animals from the polar regions for a long time, and at last I’ve actually made some. This polar bear was one of the first (there was a baby polar, but he sold a little while ago). He is supposed to be a fierce bear, standing up on his hind legs to fight with another bear, or perchance to threaten a foolish human who has strayed too near… But I think he looks incredibly camp, and a little bit as if he should have a handbag over one of those paws. I think I may have been watching Brave at some point while this was being made, which may account for the extreme girlishness of his stature. It is quite incredible how subconscious influences shape what come from the felting needle. Anyhow, this terrifying example of pure bear power has been named “Cindy” by my little girl, which I think sums his character up neatly.

polar fox, snow fox

Arctic Fox / Polarfuchs

If you search google for images of arctic foxes they are often curled up into a tight ball like this one. I suppose that is probably to keep them cosy and warm in the freezing weather, but it also looks very cute, and is easier to felt than a fox with legs. I do have a be-legged fox in the making, but it isn’t ready yet! This fox is in a similar pose to my cats, and the simplicity of the pose draws attention to his bright orange eyes and pointy little fox nose. Another absolutely amazing arctic fox, by the way, has been made by my friends at Grin, Grimace and Squeak.


Emperor Penguin / Kaiserpinguin

baby seal

Baby Harp Seal / Baby Sattelrobbe


Arctic Tern / Küstenseeschwalbe

All these items can be found in my Etsy shop, or my Dawanda shop.